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The Start Up

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Athena's Setup

I remember when I first got Athena. I was so excited to get different types of products. The start-up cost for a dog can be a little costly. You need the kennel (60$), the dog house(80-100$), the dog bed(20$), the bowls(20$), the storage for the food (trust me it helps with Ants)(20$), doggy shampoo(10$), dog brushes(10$), dog food(30$), leashes(15$), tick and flea treatments(20$), vet visits/vaccinations (150$), harness (20$), collars (20$), name tags (10$), and training ($100+). When calculating these costs, we are close to $600 give or take some flexibility for products' cost. That isn't including the puppy's cost, which could be expensive depending on how to obtain your sweet new furry friend. Even rescuing from the pound can cost around $100, but these adoption agencies usually include costs for vaccinations, license, as well as spay/neuter service.

Here is a simplified list of items you will need:

The Essentials



☐ID Tag

☐Water&Food Bowls

☐Pet Food





☐Oral/Ear/Nail Care

Don’t Forget


☐Dog Bed



☐Vet Appointment

I could probably name a couple of more items, but these are the essentials. The earlier you get things and introduce them, the more likely the puppy/dog will use them. I regret not introducing a dog house sooner. Maybe my dog likes the rain, but she would rather sit in the rain than the lovely dog house we bought her. Your dog's health is vital. Don't forget to schedule their vet visits for vaccines, flea/tick/worm treatments, and checkups. The sooner you introduce grooming to your pet, the less they will be scared of items such as nail clippers and a brush. I began to mess with Athena's paws the day I got her. While I groom Athena occasionally, I prefer to take her to the professionals for the fantastic care and grooming she gets there.

I remember being very anxious, trying to figure out what were the best products for dogs. For Athena's outside bowls, I chose to go with stainless steel because it has fewer bacteria that can stick to it as well as the durability and reduction in the development of algae. Inside the house, we have ceramic, but I tend to hand wash these more frequently to help with bacteria. The ceramic bowls are also less durable outside. When Athena was younger, she thought it was fun to pick up the bowls that had a lip. Therefore, I had to get a heavier bowl that she was unable to grab.

A few of my favorite products have been found at your local Petco, such as her standard leash, dog house, and dog shampoo. While Petco can cost a little more, they often have great deals on durable toys and supplies. Other stores such as Ross and TJ Maxx carry cute dog supplies also. Places that I have gone to get supplies have been Costco, other local dog stores, and Amazon. Costco has fantastic deals on their durable dog beds. While Athena doesn't touch her dog house, she loves her dog bed. If your dog will get grow into a larger size, I recommend getting cheaper supplies at first and saving for when your dog is older for the sturdier, more expensive products. For example, I bought a majority of Athena's collars and harness at the dollar store until Athena was large enough to fit her current harness and collar (it didn't take long).

Athena's current collar came from amazon along with her running leash. I purchased the collar due to her liking the water/swimming. I felt that the leather collar would be better to dry and not smell. Her previous collar was quickly becoming faded. We have had this collar since December, and it is still sturdy. This leash is nice because it allows her to stretch away from me a little but not too far. It also has several areas to clip to shorter or increase the length depending on your dog's ability to run with you. Athena still needs a shorter leash while running. Perhaps someday this won't be necessary. The other feature of this leash is the waist belt. This was the primary function of why I bought that particular leash. I love being hands-free when running. I also use Athena's leash for cues. I didn't want to accidentally be tugging on it while running because it gives her false signals. When I manually grab the leash, she knows that I am trying to command her to something. I've owned the leash for a little over a year, and it is still in immaculate condition. My tip for you is: remove the leash while in the car until the chewing phase is over. We lost a couple of leashes this way because they get bored in the back seat.

So remember, getting a dog is not just about the cost of the dog. The start-up costs are essential. Before you commit to caring for another living creature, ensure that you have the funds to be a responsible pet owner.

Thanks fur the read,

The Pawsitive Writer

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