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Fitness and Fun with Fido

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

So, you have been stuck inside with Fido. We joke that our animals are probably tired of seeing us, but I know that this is a blessing in disguise for them. They get your attention all day now!?! They don't have to wait for you to come home?! How can you take advantage of the freedom to spend with your pets?

Go for walks

Your regular 10-15 minute breaks at work could be spent walking the dog. This gets you up and moving, which can help stretch muscles and burn calories and prevents clot formation from sitting long periods. 

Go for a run

Want a little more cardio than walking? Take your doggo for a run. The exercise is good for both of you. It doesn't need to be a long run. Long runs can be hard on your dog's joints if on the concrete (like sidewalk or road). Another consideration is the endurance ability of your furry friend. Both of you should build up your distance levels. If you can not suddenly run 5 miles, neither can Fido. Take into consideration weather such as hot/cold surfaces. Some animals are not physically built for running due to anatomical structural differences. 


Take your dog's favorite toy and hide it! Maybe even toss a little treat and let them get to finding. Our local trainer hid treats in eggs to locate. You are not only having fun but also working on scent training. If you have the capacity, play fetch! You can also get the whole family involved and play keep away. Don't forget to reward your furry friend now and then 💕


It is always a good time to work on training. You could spend 30 minutes each day working on training. While you are improving manners, you are also bonding and tiring your pup out. 

Bake Homemade Treats

Who doesn't love Pinterest when it comes to ideas? Dog treats are easy and fun to make. You can check out my article here for an easy recipe. This could get the whole family involved, and then you have a lovely surprise to give to your furry friend. 

And the most important- cuddles! 

Take advantage of cuddling your beloved animal during these stressful times. Studies have shown that cuddling is therapeutically good for our mental health. During times like these, take advantage of your ability to stay home and cuddle Fido! 

Thanks fur the read,

The Pawsitive Writer 🐾

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