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Is Dog Grooming Worth it?

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The number one reason I hear people say why they don't like dogs (other than being scared) is the hair. They do not like the hair on the furniture or their clothes. Even as a dog mom, I get this. When I first brought Athena home, she was allowed everywhere: the bed, the couch, and inside the house in general. While I was unwilling to give up her house privileges, the amount of hair on my clothes and furniture was terrible. The first step was to limit the dog hair on the furniture. Athena's couch privileges were revoked, but she gained a special doggy bed from Costco. This thing is not only durable, but I've even cuddled up to her on it. Training her to not get on the furniture was a challenge, but we have managed to fix her from jumping onto the couch and bed (despite her sometimes cute efforts to persuade us).

For some dogs, there are two seasons in which they will shed: spring and fall. A dog's coat is their skin protection, as well as their protection from temperature. Heavy shedding may be okay for some dogs, but not all. Stress or an environmental change can cause a dog to start shedding more than usual. It's always best to note that shedding excessively could indicate a health condition such as hormonal changes, skin conditions, cancer, and fungal infections. Breeds that typically have a shedding cycle include German Shepherds (go figure), Labs, Border Collies, Huskies, and Beagles.

Athena gets several trips a year to the groomer, especially during shedding season. During the spring and fall, the hair begins to fall out in clumps. I could honestly brush out another Athena. My favorite places to visit are Petco and Petsmart. Each groomer gives me a ticket on how she did at the spa. The first time I dropped her off, I felt so nervous leaving my baby with some stranger. However, she did AMAZING! For the first time with a groomer, it is essential to tell them about your dog. For instance, Athena does not like the dryer. I prefer the furminator bath with the brush out. There are options you can add on, but this is my recommendation at the minimum. Athena always comes back with a beautiful coat and smelling like a princess.

When I first thought about grooming, I thought it was overpriced. I was determined to wash her myself. She likes water. This should be easy, right? That is a negative. Athena will swim all day, but the moment you try to put her in a bathtub, game over. It is quite the ordeal to bathe her, and then she doesn't like the blower. Not only is washing her complicated, but also the brushing during the shedding season is horrendous. The amount of reduced hair and how beautiful she looks after a professional visit has completely changed my mind. It is 100% worth it to get your dog professionally groomed at least twice a year.

It's the leash I can do,

The Pawsitive Writer

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