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Pet Friendly Christmas

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

There are only 11 days left till Christmas but many days of celebration. Does your dog hate or love the Christmas tree? Do you get your furry animals presents and stocking stuffers, or is that just me? If you are still trying to discover what to get your beloved furry animal, have no fear! I present to you stories of Christmas with pets but also some ideas for celebrating the Pawlidays.

Tips for the Christmas Tree! Does your cat climb the tree? Perhaps a baby gate can prevent them from reaching it. However, some particular acrobatic cats will manage to thwart your plans for a safe tree. With dogs, I am less worried about climbing but still concerned with knocking the tree over. The larger the tree, the increased probability that it will topple over. I was worried that Athena would also try to eat the tree. Thankfully, she gave it her ole curious sniffing, and that was the end of that. She did, however, attempt to drink the water from the tree stand. To avoid ingestion of the water, use the tree skirt to cover the source. While it may seem harmless, stagnant water can be particularly harmful to pets due to bacteria growth. For Athena's first Christmas, she would crack me up by trying to grab the ball ornaments (I'm assuming they looked like play toys to her). It didn't help that if she knocked them down, they rolled away like a toy. It's a game, right? We had to watch her closely in the beginning to correct the behavior. What we did to help prevent injuries was put the glass ornaments higher on the tree. This also helped with her tail. Due to the location of our tree, Athena's tail typically knocks ornaments off. While she no longer tries to play with them, the plastic or nonglass ornaments fare better off when knocked down. 

Christmas Decorations! Other than the tree, different decoration placements are significant as well. Think as if you had a toddler in the house who can pull things down to furry proof your home from potentially dangerous items. Take into consideration that some plants are toxic when ingested. Avoid live plants such as Mistletoe, Holly Berries, Ivy, Poinsettia, Jerusalem Cherry, Lilies, and Daffodils. Some safer options are Red Roses, White Orchids, and Christmas Cacti. We have a Poinsettia for decoration, but it is out of reach for Athena. Along with keeping decorations out of reach, you can help ensure your pet's safety by not leaving them alone in the home to wreak havoc. 

Gift Ideas! I can't be the only person who buys gifts for their pet for Christmas. Sometimes it is gifts they need like a new dog bed or collar. Athena has a stocking as well that gets filled by Santa. Some cheaper options for treats and toys can be purchased at Walmart or the Dollar Store. Because Athena's favorite game is fetch, she always gets some type of ball. Our favorite outside ball is the giant Chuck-It, which can be found for a reasonable price on Amazon. Other items include a floating stick for summer fun, an inside ball, and a frisbee. This year, I purchased Athena'a gifts from TJ Maxx. Excellent quality toys range from 3$ to 20$. This is one of my favorite stores to buy pet items due to quality and price. Things for people who own dogs can also be located in this section, such as ornament makers, treat recipes, and stockings for pets. If you are trying to think of other ideas- travel bags for food/toys, new collars, a reflective vest for hiking, fresh dog tags, an LED collar for the night, or running leash for hands-free. An excellent gift is always training. I recommend the A+ Dog Training located in Turlock lifetime member program (which is what we have). Training is a perfect gift and helps with Christmas pets' retention rates through a lifelong bonding between you and your pet 💕I hope this article gifts you with the tips, tricks, and treats for the furry friends in your family. 

Many pawsitive Christmas wishes from Athena and her pack!

Thanks fur the read!

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