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Snow Day

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Athena's first adventure to the snow! We joke around, but we are sincerely honest when we say that we go places based on Athena. I haven't been to the snow in about three years, and I wasn't dying to go until I realized that Athena had yet to see snow. I suddenly had a dire urge to visit this white cold powdery ice-like substance based on that alone. I both love and hate the snow, or rather I hate getting wet in the snow because then you are cold. It was a chilly evening at home when my boyfriend brought up the idea of taking Athena to the snow. I knew she would love it. After a little research, I packed a spare set of clothes, and we headed off. I was initially worried that Athena would be too cold or need booties. Due to being a larger dog and her paws in good condition, neither was necessary to worry.

Athena's reaction to the snow was priceless. Snowballs were incredibly confusing, especially once they crumpled in her mouth. She would get the major zoomies when I would throw snow her way and loved the playtime. I loved to see her sniffing the ground, even in the snow. I once read somewhere that the snow can affect their smell (I don't know if I believe that for Athena). The snow falling from the trees would startle her occasionally. At one point, I brushed off a log onto her, and she looked back at the tree with the expression that said, 'did you just throw that at me' only to realize it was her hoomans punking her yet again.

For Athena, ball is life. The snowballs that we would toss-up for her was entertaining. Athena has pretty good timing and catches them midair. If she wasn't chasing snowballs, it was fun to see her jumping through the snow. I would want to visit a dog park with snow to watch her jump around and chase snowballs freely. The only safety concern we had was primarily her leash manners. While I understand patience because it is her first time in the snow, her sporadic leaps of excitement took me down on the slippery areas. While all three of us ended up wet from the hike, I would return to the snow with her again. I love that Athena keeps us active, and we are always finding new adventures for us to go on. She has now seen the snow, the ocean, the desert, and the mountains. What will we explore next?!

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