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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Mount Tamalpais Camping

Every adventure can pose a new challenge when having a furry companion. It could be simple things like ensuring that they have enough food/water to get through the trip or the ability to take them places. My favorite app to use for Athena is Bring Fido. This excellent app provides me with dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, and even activities. During our trip to Mount Tamalpais, we checked out a local beach that was known for its beautiful views and its dog-friendly atmosphere. A good tip is that if the outdoor patio is fenced off, it typically isn't available for dog companions unless they are service animals. Restaurants with open outdoor seating and breweries are usually dog friendly. Some staff has even brought Athena a water bowl to enjoy. It is important to remember when eating out with your furry friend, be careful of what you drop on the floor. Dogs are sensitive to much human food like spices, grapes, chocolate, and even onions. The last thing you want on your trip is a dog with the runs.

Another essential thing to consider when taking Fido out is when to let them off-leash. While I love to think Athena is a skilled expert in off-leash behavior, this simply is not true. Unless we have a ball in hand, Athena is bound to try and explore other dogs, humans, and surroundings. This can be incredibly stressful if she is not listening to commands. A couple of tricks we have learned. 1) Bring treats 2) Bring 2 of their favorite toys, one to throw and one to get their attention 3) Have patience 4) Know your dog's body language.

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For us, Athena is very expressive with her body language. I can typically tell when she is becoming fearful or so excited she isn't listening anymore. This helps me be better prepared for what to expect with her. Another challenge we faced was having Athena be comfortable enough with the new area to relax and go to the bathroom. While she typically takes a midday siesta, Athena was extremely active on our first camping trip. It took a lot of coaxing for her even to eat her food or go to the bathroom. We tried things like adding an egg to her food or cooking salmon plain for her. Eventually, we used her kennel training to place her in a safe environment to relax for a couple of hours a day. All in all, traveling can be exciting for animals. It is important to remember that the area is new to them, which can cause fear or anxiety. While the challenges posed can be frustrating, try to keep a positive attitude to show your furry friend that this is fun and relaxing. The more your body language suggests a threatening environment, the more difficult it will be for your puppy to relax and enjoy as well. Good luck, and I can't wait to hear about your adventures!

I love camping with my dog; she's great at ruffing it

-The Pawsitive Writer

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